Do you have a boat to transport and are unsure where to have to delivered? Contact us to help the process run smoothly.

We work directly with local transport companies and have had boats delivered here from all across the country. You can also schedule directly with transport companies for pickup and we will haul out and set the boat down on a variety of trailers. 

Rumery's crew is happy to handle routine repairs during the season, at our dock or on your mooring.

Why Go Green?

No Exhaust

Very small carbon footprint.

No fumes
Silent operation

Full thrust immediately with silent running
Zero Maintenance

Great reliability - service life of 50,000+ hours
One Moving Part

No tune up, no winterization required
Battery power Uses 12 V DC batteries in various configurations
Solar power - Use solar panels to charge batteries at dock or mooring
Hybrid option - Batteries plus a genset for extended range
EP motor sizing Ranges from HP equivalant 6 to 100 HP

The greenest & smartest way to repower!

* We are conveniently located a few miles up the beautiful Saco River, and are sheltered from the ravages of coastal storms.

* The Saco River is easily navigated - it is well marked - and you can make the journey at dead low tide with a draft as much as 5' 6". (If  you draw more than 5' 6", wait until a little after dead low - we have an 8-10 foot tide.)

* Rumery's is a short walk from the
AMTRAK Downeaster station with service to Boston.

* We are close to downtown Biddeford and Saco, both wonderful old mill towns with great places to eat, houses of worship, tattoo parlors, pubs, and all the supplies you might need.

* Rumery's has a dedicated crew of long-time employees who will take care of your boat in the manner you deem appropriate.

  • Haul Out & Launching  - 25 Ton Marine Travel Lift
  • Mast Stepping & Un-stepping - 50' Service Crane
  • Storage (See link above for more info)
  • Fuel - Gas & Diesel
  • Service Moorings
  • 450' Linear Dock space
  • Transient Dockage
  • Shower & Restroom
  • Ship's Store

A note from Rumery's about Electrical Systems

Batteries: choose the right ones and the right location.

Make sure your wiring is up to ABYC standards. 

Any AC wiring on board must be protected from accidental exposure to you or your crew (or the techs).

Make sure you are not leaking any current into the water around your boat or dock.

Be certain that your critical pumps are wired properly and not shut off when your batteries are off.

Services Available

  • Marine Systems & Design
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Carpentry
  • Fiberglass & Gelcoat
  • Varnish & Finish Work
  • Bottom Painting
  • Rigging

Our systems staff is well educated, and certified in many fields. For more information of Rumery's systems services, please contact us.

We work on Westerbeke, Yanmar, Nanni, Atomic four and all other makes.


Maintenance & Repairs

A critical part of your boat's systems. You might know where everything is, but in an emergency situation will your crew be able to find the right breaker? Will they put themselves at risk if they open the panel while the boat is being rocked and tossed about?

Your electrical system should be laid out so that it is safe in the most extreme conditions, not just when tied to your slip.