Rumery's Boatyard
For good relations between customers & RBY

• Business hours are 8:00am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. (Lunch is typically 12 – 12:45)
• Docks and service moorings are for boats being worked on at the Yard. Boats should not be left at the dock overnight without prior approval. By US Army Corps of Engineers policy, mooring are not for rent.
• All work at the Yard, dock and moorings will be limited to Yard personnel, the boat Owner, family & crew. All outside labor is to be contracted by the Yard office.
• Visitors and Customers are asked to check in at the office before entering any building or boat other than their own.
• Owner access to boats at the Yard is limited to regular working hours, unless specifically arranged in advance.
• Owner provided material installed by the Yard may be subject to a service charge of 10% of retail value. Warranty to be the responsibility of the purchaser.
• Vehicle parking: Daytime – in areas designated by the Office. Overnight – by arrangement with the Office: we may ask that the keys be left in the Office.
• Boats for sale in the Yard must also be listed by the Yard. If sold by the Yard, a 10% commission will be charged. If not for sale by the Yard, the Owner will be charged for all time involved in showing or discussing the boat.
• Boats, cars, equipment, etc. stored or left at the Yard are at the Owner’s risk. It is assumed that the Owner shall carry insurance for protection against fire, theft, vandalism and any other such hazards.
• A written Work or Service Agreement must be established before the Yard will accept any work: hauling, launching, storage, repairs, etc.

• Bills are due upon receipt.
• Accounts not paid within fifteen (15) days will be charged interest at a rate of 1.5% per month.
• For jobs estimated to cost over $5,000, a deposit will be required.
• While work is in progress, the owner may be asked to make additional deposits in order to keep the account balance under $5,000. These deposits will be due upon request.
• No work will be done on any boat that has a balance due over sixty (60) days. Any work already in progress will be stopped until payment arrangements are made.
• In case of litigation, any prejudgment interest, attorney’s fees and court costs will be added to the boat account as part of the unpaid balance.
• Prior to a boat’s departure from the Yard, all accounts must be cleared, except by prior arrangement.
• All invoices will include a consumables charge equal to 4% of labor costs billed to cover consumable parts nd supplies. These include sand paper, rags, protective gloves, foam & chip brushes, rollers & trays, solvents, cotter pins, seizing wire, stock stainless fasteners to 1/4", heat shrink, stock connectors to 10AWG, and razor and utility blades.

• Owners and their families may work on their own boats. • Owners may not work inside any building.
• In case of activity interference between the Yard and an Owner, the Yard activity will have priority.
• In case of activity interference between boat Owners, the Yard will impose a settlement.
• There will be no tools or equipment for loan or rent. Hand tools, power tools,
extension cords, staging equipment, water hoses, ladders, etc. must be provided by those working on their own boats.

Rumery's warrants that all services provided are performed in accordance with industry standards and free from defects in workmanship. Rumery's will correct any defects in our work if notified of the happening in writing. The boat must be returned to RBY for the performance of the warranty work. Our warranty is valid for a period of twelve months non-commercial service.



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